Winning at Craps

Craps is a game that is enjoyed all around the world.  While many people play, not nearly as many people win.  If you are interested in winning at craps you are like millions of others, the only difference is you’re willing to learn more about the game to actually swing the odds in your favor, allowing you to start winning at craps more often.

There are some simple things that you can do to start winning at craps.  First and foremost, know the rules in and out.  Many players don’t do well at craps simply because they do now know the rules all that well.  The better you know the rules the more adept player you will be, helping to make the right bets to put the odds on your side instead of stacking them against you.  Practice before you start playing for real money, this will help you learn the games and the bets in and out.

If you want to start winning at craps you should also focus on the bets that give you the best odds of winning.  The Pass Line bet is often favored because it has a lower house advantage of just 1.41%.  Many people consider this the best bet, yet the Don’t Pass bet actually reduces the house advantage to 1.36%.  The best that you want to avoid are those that give the house the edge, such as bets on four and 10, which have a house edge of 6.67%!  Additionally, field bets are not all that favorable as they give the house an edge of 5.56% and if you bet on the big 6 and the big 8 you are going to be giving the house a 10% advantage.  These are not odds that you want if you want to start winning at craps!

Many people who are currently winning at craps will tell you the way to win is to know your limits.  Before you start playing you should decide how much you can afford to lose and you should only bring that much money into the game.  Many people start chasing losses or they want to win big after a small win and they end up making foolish decisions as a result.  Having limits and sticking to them will help you have a more positive craps experience all around.

When you pair knowledge of the rules with knowledge of the bets that work in your favor the best, you are more likely to start winning at craps.  There is not a game of craps where the house does not have the advantage, but playing as skillfully as possible by knowing the odds will help you reduce that edge, making it possible for you to start winning at craps more often.  There is always an element of risk because the game of craps really is about luck, but sometimes you can help luck along when you know the rules!

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