Variations of Online Roulette

If you are passionate about playing online roulette then you would have to know all the variations available. Knowing the variations will enable you to select a variation that suits your playing style and also to include adopting a winning strategy. Adopting a roulette strategy also depends on what type of roulette variation you are playing. Although the variations are not much different from one another, one has got to know the rules of each variant before commencing game play. In this guide I will outline the various roulette variations available.

American Roulette

This was the first version which was made available at many online casinos and the roulette wheel is not much different from its European cousin.  The American roulette wheel has a single 0 and a double zero slot and both are colored in green.  The American roulette favors the house than compared to the European roulette and its house edge is at 5.26%.

European Roulette

This is one of the popular roulette variation which is also identical to the American format but the only major difference is that it does not have the double zero slot and its house edge is at 2.63%.  The European roulette is more popular at many casinos world wide than compared to the American roulette and another advantage of the European roulette is that players get to lose half of their total amount wagered if the ball lands on the zero slot.

Royale Roulette

Royale roulette is yet another popular variation but it is not found at many online casinos.  The roulette offers a progressive jackpot if a number is hit five times consecutively.  Most online casinos which offer this variation have got a huge progressive jackpot on offer.

This variation is designed with tow main types of best which are the outside best and the inside bets.

French Roulette

Another variation is the French roulette. This variation is not very popular at many online casinos sites and the game consists of two types of the outside best which are the even-money bets and dozen.  It also includes the addition of call bets were players would predict the place where the ball will land during the larger betting action.

After understanding the variations available it can become easy for you to select a variation that you will master and adopt your own unique winning strategy.

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