The history of online casinos

Gambling seems to be in human nature, because it has existed since the beginning, for many thousands of years and it will most probably exist in the future. We all have in our blood the drive to take risks in order to hope for a better tomorrow and gambling is exactly what this means.

In this article we are planning to offer you some of the key information about the history of online casinos. By knowing how everything began you will have a better knowledge of the online casino industry.

The beginning of gambling powered by software

Everything started back in the ‘70s when the land based casinos started to give up on the mechanical slot machines and replaced them with electromechanical slots that were powered by software that managed to bring a lot of benefits to both the players and the casinos. The players had a better interface since the graphics were amazing for that time and the casinos were able to maintain them easier. The next step was to create other games like video poker that gained a lot of popularity in the land based casinos. And 20 years later the first online casinos started to appear thanks to the internet.

The first online casino

The year 1994 was a very important year for the online casino industry because that is the time when the Antigua and Barbuda became the first online gambling jurisdiction to permit the issuance of online gambling licenses. After that a very large number of offshore online casinos have started to appear there.

Also in the year 1994 the Microgaming software developers company was launched. This business flourished into the world’s most successful online casino software company that powers a large number of online casinos right now. And the very first online casino to be launched was InterCasino in the year 1995.

Games being offered by online casino

The online casinos have been developing ever since that moment. You can now find online casinos that are able to offer hundreds of games and right now you can find on the internet all the games that you used to see in a land based casino. You can even find mobile casinos, including ipad Casinos, so you can now play for real money on your mobile device. This includes the following which are considered to be some of the most popular online casino games: Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, Keno, Slots, Video Poker plus many more.

Today’s online casino statistics

The online casino industry has managed to conquer the world very fast thanks to the many benefits that this industry manages to bring. The year 2006 brought in $15 billion in revenue and even if the US online casino industry took a big hit, this industry is still predicted to grow at a fast and constant rate thanks to the other countries where online gambling is still available with no restrictions.

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