Roulette Strategy: The Role of the Dealer

Every serious game usually has an umpire or the person who directs the affairs in the game. The same stuff is applicable to roulette game. Roulette is a kind of gambling where you have to part with your money in order to place a bet. If you’re lucky in the process, you may win. If not, you have to come home with empty pocket.

In any case, the success of the roulette game depends largely on the dealer. What a referee is to the football game is exactly what the dealer is to the roulette game. The dealer represents the casino house which runs the roulette game as a real time business.

In most roulette games, the dealer is also known as the ‘croupier’. He has a three-fold function as follows:

1. Spinning the wheel

2. Handling the wagers and

3. Paying out the wins.

1. Spinning the wheel

The dealer sets the game rolling by spinning the roulette wheel. This is usually done after the bets have been placed by the players. Spinning the wheel leads to the launching of the ball. Once, the ball is launched each players watches with rapt attention to pinpoint where the ball will land.

2. Handling the wagers

Wagers represent the amount bet by the players in the roulette game. The dealer handles this and also announces “NO MORE BETS” once the ball is launched.

3. Paying out the Wins

The dealer handles the payouts. This is indeed the most important part of the game. The dealer announces the player that gets the right predictions.

With this in mind, you can have the best of the roulette game. All you need is to be focused and go ahead to make the right predictions.

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