Roulette Strategy: All About the Wheel

The roulette wheel is very vital aspect of the game. In fact, you can’t talk about the roulette game without the wheel which is actually the fulcrum of the entire game. Knowing the real facts about the roulette wheel is very necessary in understanding the roulette strategy.

First of all, you need to know that the roulette wheel has a very long and interesting history. It dates back to the time of the great scientists, Blaise Pascal who was reputed to have created the roulette wheel used as a perpetual motion machine. As the game develops the wheel keeps changing to suit the times.

The wheel works by spinning. Usually the dealer spines the wheel thereby launching the ball after the bets have been placed. This leads to the payout session where the winner who predicts the winning number is selected. The roulette wheel is usually settled on the roulette table. It has numbers as from 1 to 36 which alternates between the small and the big, the red and the black, the even and the odd. This variation gives the players enough room to make their choices when picking the possible number that’ll win the game. Again, the wheel also has an extra slot of 0 and 00. This is mainly for the American roulette. It also has special pockets which are close to the numbers where the ball is expected to land randomly.

Finally, the wheel is designed to place the even and odd, red and black, small and big numbers on it. The wheel design is basically the same in most casinos, both offline and at online casinos. The dealer involved rotates the wheel in one direction and the ball is rotated in the opposite direction. The ball begins to roll and slows down as it places itself in any one pockets of the wheel.

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