How to Play European Roulette – Basic rules

European roulette is often considered the preferred variation of the game.  The odds are better when you play this variation, although not all online casinos will offer both forms of the game.  If you want to learn how to play European roulette you will find that it is actually very simple and you only need to know a few things to begin playing.  This is a game of chance, so you do not need to learn any strategies, you just need to know the object of the game and also know how much you can afford to lose if luck is not on your side.

To learn how to play European roulette you first have to purchase your chips.  The chips will have no specified value but are one of many colors.  The value of the chips is decided when the player buys in.  The difference between European roulette and American roulette is that there is no double zero for you to bet on.  What does this mean to you?  It means that you have a better chance of winning, hence the favoritism that this variation of the game receives.

From here you need to determine which number or set of numbers that you want to bet on.  The payouts will be higher if you bet on fewer numbers but you have a better chance of hitting on one of your numbers if you bet on more.  The decision is up to the player and all about how much they can afford to lose with each roll.  You need to make your bet within the table minimum and maximum and you will denote the numbers that you are betting on by placing your chips on the designated area for the numbers that you have chosen.

After a few moments the croupier, who represents the bank, will call “no more bets” or will signal as such.  This means that no more bets will be allowed and no bets may be changed.  The croupier will then spin the will and drop the ball into the wheel.  When the wheel is stopped the slot that the ball lands in will be the winner.  You can bet on any of the numbers on the wheel and you will also need to bet on black or red.  A marker will clearly denote where the ball has landed so each player, and the croupier, can determine which players have one.

The payouts will be determined on how many bets were placed.  If just one number was bet on the payout will be 35 times the original bet amount.  Those who bet on four numbers will be paid off at a rate of eight times their original bet.  Again, the fewer numbers you bet on the more you stand to win, but when you bet on more numbers there is a higher chance that the ball will land on one of your numbers, despite the lower payout.  The choice is always that of the player.

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