How to Play American Roulette

If you are want to play a fun variation of roulette you might want to learn how to play American roulette.  This is a game that is very fast paced when compared with European roulette and is played with colored chips.  The American roulette system is unique in that a maximum of nine or ten players can play at one time and all have chips that do not have a specific value.  Each player will have a different color chips to differentiate whose chips are whose.

Every player will be given his own color chips and they will determine the value based on the minimum and maximum bets at the table.  This is beneficial because each player will have a different color, which makes it easy for the players as well as the croupier to determine who has bet what at any one time.

To start the game each player will need to place their bets on the number and color they believe will win.  The croupier will say no more bets or signal such.  As this point they will spin the wheel and drop the ball.  The roulette wheel will stop and whatever number the ball falls into will be the winning number.  The number will either be odd or even or black or red and will be marked from one to 35.  A marker is used to clearly denote the winning number.  The payout will be distributed by the croupier at this time and all of the losing chips will be paid to the banker at this time.

When you learn how to play American roulette you should know that you can bet on more than one number at each time.  When you place your chips on just one number that wins you will be paid out at 35 times your bet amount.  If you bet two numbers and one of them wins, you will be paid 18 times your original bet.  If you bet on three numbers at one time and one of them is the winning number you will receive 11 times the original bet.  If you choose to bet on four numbers at one time and one wins you will receive eight times your original bet.  If you bet on six numbers from the start and one wins, you will receive five times the payout amount.  As you can see, the fewer numbers you bet on the higher the payoff, but your risks also increase substantially so it is up to each player to determine how much they can afford to lose when determining how many numbers they will bet on with each spin of the roulette wheel.

As you can see, learning how to play American roulette is not difficult, especially if you have played European roulette.  Many people who play believe that you should never choose to play American roulette when you have a choice as the odds are not as favorable compared to when you play European roulette.  Of course, sometimes it is not an option and you simply have to take that chance! A great site to play American Roulette is Bodog Casino.

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