Advanced Baccarat Strategy

If you have been playing and enjoying baccarat for some time you might be wondering how you can up the ante and make some bold moves to put you within the reach of winning the game.  Baccarat is a very enjoyable game and the more that you learn about it, and basic Baccarat Rules the better you will become.  Employing an advanced baccarat strategy to your game may be exactly what you need.

The most important and applicable advanced baccarat strategy is only to play with the money that you can afford.  Many people just want to play and they don’t stop to think about finances.  Because baccarat is a game of chance you never know with any certainty whether you will be coming home with more money, even money, or no money at all.  For this reason, you should always ensure that you are only playing with the amount of money that you can afford to lose.

While looking for an advanced baccarat strategy you should stay away from books, websites, and articles that claim to have the one and only winning strategy.  You want to better your game, and that is admirable, but you have to remember that there is not a tried and true advanced baccarat strategy because the way the game is set up, the game is all about luck.  Hopefully you’ll have luck with you more often than not.

If you want an advanced baccarat strategy that will help you gain better chances of winning, you should always bet with the banker.  Most people don’t like this idea and some are even told that it is not a good bet, but the fact remains that the advantage is always with the banker, so why not bet in their favor and use their natural advantage to your benefit.  When you bet with the banker you are actually just working with a house advantage of just 1%.  If you still want to go ahead and bet on the shooter you will be giving the house a bigger advantage of 1.24%.

Your advanced baccarat strategy is about what you should not do as much as what you should do.  When you are playing to win you never want to wager on a tie.  This is one of the worst bets that you can make in the casino.  A lot of people go for the tie because they see the nine to one payout.  While this is attractive, it doesn’t happen very often and you’re handing the house a 6% advantage.

Part of your advanced baccarat strategy should be to choose the games with as few decks of cards as possible. When you play with fewer than eight decks you will drop the house advantage substantially, making it more likely for you to win.  Many games are played with eight decks, so always be on the lookout for those games that play with less than eight decks if you want to put the odds more in your favor.

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